It is a shame that christians often have the same view of the gospel as non-christians. What do I mean by this? We listen to the world around us as it laughs at the story of Christ, and over time, that belief starts to seep into our own minds. Little by little we start to believe the idea that the gospel is foolish and sounds like a bunch of rubbish. This causes christians to be scared of thinking out loud about what they believe and having quality conversations about it with the various people that surround them.

I think that part of the problem is the fact that not only christians, but it seems like everyone in our time is so hesitant to talk about what they believe in. We live in a culture that says that everyone makes up their own faith and truth and anyone who starts to defend what they stand for is being controlling and intolerant.

Perhaps Easter time is yet another time when people face this dilemma. They dismiss the resurrection story as ridiculous and as adding more problems to the christian message. But  they don’t truly consider the astounding and powerful impact that this story has had over the past couple of thousand years.

In these past few years I personally have been quite amazed and surprised as I have been challenged with these questions by my friends and have sought to understand what I believe and why. One of the simple conclusions that I am coming to over and over is the fact that the christian message carries a weight which so many people miss due to their lack of true understanding of, even the historical facts behind the message. But as I have dug deeper I am more and more convinced that, on a number of levels, the gospel offers some of the most powerful answers to questions of meaning and worldview.

When it comes to issues of worldview one has to consider the answers on a number of levels. For example, science does not have any ability to answer questions regarding things such as beauty, love, or morality. You have to look from various spiritual and philosophical angles to truly get a full perspective. History, science, philosophy, religion, etc, are all things that must be taken into consideration.

The more I dig the more I see the power of the answers that christianity has to fill the whole picture. I am noticing that because of the fact that we believe in the Bible as the source of truth because it is God’s objective communication to us, we christians tend to build our whole life around this one solid worldview. In contrast, people who don’t believe in a personal God who speaks, tend to build their worldview around their lifestyles. They often just go with what works for them, and often times it carries deep inconsistencies. Because of this, christians tend to have a much deeper and more solid worldview, and tend to have a more consistent and thorough defense of it.

If you are not a christian, I hope that you do your homework before throwing criticisms at biblical faith. If you ARE a christian – I hope you understand the power of the answers that you hold, and that you continue to dig down deeper into your foundation. There is no reason to be scared or ashamed of the power and supremacy of the story of Christ.