So I thought I’d kick off this whole operation by sharing a little something I’m reading in Mike Cosper’s book, “Rhythms of Grace”. We youngsters are always asking how we can make our christianity and our worship more real, more authentic, more powerful. We are on the search for a more real experience of the christian life. Within this search for myself I have been seeing more clearly, not only that our true worship flows from the gospel, but that the good news must occupy a certain kind of space in our lives.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is not merely a formula for spiritual regeneration. It is the story of reality. It is the epicenter of God’s plan to make all wrongs right again, the one source of hope and beauty in a world of decay. As a human being, I am wired to do much more than process and agree with data. We are made as those who long for meaning and satisfaction in all that we do. We don’t want our lives to merely exist, we want them to sing. The question is, what is the tune that animates our whole reality?

I want my life to learn to sing the song of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I want Christ to fill, not just my devotional or church life, but every day and every step. As I seek to apply this in my life I notice that the reformed, theologically driven christianity that I have been shaped in over the past 7 years actually has done quite a bit of compartmentalizing of my spiritual life. It takes work to learn the joy and wonder of Christ in all aspects of life daily life.

In this I have found the spiritual disciplines to be very helpful. The spiritual disciplines have helped me rediscover a relational and personal approach to Scripture, as opposed to the mostly intellectual one. Meditating on the text and then turning it into prayer has really helped me soak in the story of Scripture into my bones and carry it with me through everyday life. There is much that I still have to grow in. But it is really a joy to see the glory of Christ and his message soak into a deeper and more beautiful level in my heart and life.