Here are some very fun and informative articles I have recently come across.

  1. Michael Kruger offers some interesting observations about people who “de-convert” from Christianity. Most of the people I know who have “de-converted” follow this pattern pretty well.
  2. One of the goals of this blog is to get us to write more often. 3 of us need that nudge more than the other one author. This article, particularly the first part, by Kevin DeYoung is really helpful.
  3. Winter Olympics are in the air, well TV’s actually. Here is how someone who is a theologian and from South Korea watches them.
  4. If you’ve ever talked to a Mormon you’ve quickly realized that you share a lot of similar vocabulary. Yet, you’ve probably noticed that it is being used differently. Using the same words, does not mean you believe the same things. This helpful article helps to see just how different some views are.
  5. Do you believe in eternal rewards? How about degrees of rewards? What about degrees of punishment? These articles will get you to at least think about it.