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The Power of Ideas

This week I got to attend the first ever, Tedx Bellingham event. It was inspiring and exciting to be among a group of people who were gathered to expand their minds, hear of new and useful ideas and grow in their understanding of the world around them. Indeed, ideas are some of the most powerful things that humans are capable of.

I walked away with a couple of ‘big ideas’ lingering on my mind.
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What Tomorrow Will Bring

Its so interesting how life can sneak up on us and go places that we have never expected. As I think back over the fading 2012, the constant fact that comes to mind is that we really never know what God will do next. I am just blown away by the way my life has changed. WOW. So often we get so focused on our goals and expectations, we really start to forget some hugely important surrounding realities. We think we have an idea of what life will be like, we think we know where we are going with things…

This is especially true of us twenty-somethings. We have grown beyond the adolescent years and are moving on through young adulthood, having things nailed down pretty good. Our plans give us a false sense of security and direction.

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