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Wordsmithy 2016

Its now been almost a week and half since I have returned the Wordsmithy Workshop at New Saint Andrews College. It has taken me this long to sit down and write down some reflections. Whether its busyness, or laziness or lack of a proper schedule, I don’t know. Lord knows I’ve doing my best to keep head above water. Alas, here I am. Finally, a moment to write.

If you haven’t ever heard of the Wordsmithy Workshop or of New Saint Andrews, check out my reflection from last year to get a little more background. Every year thus far it has been a wonderfully enriching experience. As I reflect on this year’s trip, my impressions all seem to congregate around one main aspect. Perhaps the greatest highlight of this year’s Wordsmithy for me was the opportunity to meet and interact with such a wonderful variety of people, all of whom had a passion for writing. This was helpful and inspiring for two main reasons.

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Meeting the Raggants

This past weekend I had the wonderful privilege of attending the first annual Raggant Fiction Festival at Evangel Classical School. For the better part of the sunny Saturday, we spent our time exploring the value and richness of fiction from a christian worldview. And let me tell you, this was quite an event. There were no clowns, no faceprinting, not even any balloons. But it was indeed a festival. The festive nature of the place was rooted in the heart of the things being accomplished. ECS is a small but mighty institution in Marysville Washington, bringing up the next round of young minds equipped and in love with the true history of words and ideas.

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Lessons From the Life of Churchill (Pt. 2)

The Power of Determination

One of the most important and most determining aspects of he our lives is our understanding of how we fit into the world in which we live. The clarity with which one sees their purpose and place in life will determine their ability to focus on and flourish in that purpose. A life that is distracted by a great deal of many things and pulled in multiple directions is a life that does not really accomplish much.

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3 Powerful Basics

Time changes our view of life. I am really seeing this these last couple of months. One of the things it does is it takes some of the “basic” lessons of life that we think we know and reveals a depth and power to them that we have not seen. I am always thinking about youth life and my own life and the things that God has been teaching me.

Over the last couple of months I am really starting to see the power of the basic foundational parts of the christian walk. When we look at history, those who were used by God in mighty and powerful ways didn’t stand out because of some special, unique thing they did. They stood out in their deep roots in the basics. Daniel prayed. David worshiped. Moses wanted to be closer and closer to God. Paul loved the church. Jesus spoke the truth. Continue reading

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