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Everyone’s a Writer

One of the greatest convictions that has gripped me over the past couple of years is the power and priority of writing, not just for “writers” but for all of us regular folk. Historically speaking there are a thousand reasons to put your thoughts and convictions to pen and paper. I have mentioned these before. As I have given this issue more indepth thought in the past few weeks from a distinctly christian perspective its significance shines all the brighter.

We live in a digital age. What that means in a large sense is that we live in an age of mass information. Our ability to produce, communicate and store information grows exponentially, as does our exposure to it. We live in a world that is teaming with voices, words and ideas.

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How People Change

The concept of change and progress is one of the most fundamental aspects of what it means to be human. We cannot live life if we have no sense of progress or movement forward. Just as fundamental it is to us personally, it is also key in our relationships. Just as we seek progress in our own lives we seek to spread it into the lives of the people around us. There is very little that is more rewarding and enriching than to be able to live a life that is exerting positive influence and change into the lives that we touch.

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