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Lessons From the Life of Churchill (Pt. 2)

The Power of Determination

One of the most important and most determining aspects of he our lives is our understanding of how we fit into the world in which we live. The clarity with which one sees their purpose and place in life will determine their ability to focus on and flourish in that purpose. A life that is distracted by a great deal of many things and pulled in multiple directions is a life that does not really accomplish much.

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Lessons From the Life of Churchill

I have just recently finished the first book in the Manchester’s biography three volume work on Winston Churchill. Churchill was an amazing figure and Manchester an incredible writer. Such a weighty literary work on such a weighty historical figure is inevitably full of meaningful and rich lessons. I wish I had written down a bit more of my thoughts during my way through the book. Nevertheless I thought I would throw down as much as I could recall as I have been reflecting on this man’s life this past week.

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John Adams And The Power of Character

Have you ever wished you could go back in time and meet a person who lived hundreds of years ago? I have found the solution to this problem in reading great biographies. Recently I finished David McCullough’s award winning book John Adams and I was quite moved by it. It feels like I spent a couple months living with the guy. It is impossible to walk away from such an experience without the feeling that the story of his life has been burned into my character in a unique way.

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That On Which We Stand

We spend our lives thinking about many things. But how often do we think about how and why we think? I am reading a book these past few days which has really stimulated my thinking and challenged the way I see much of what surrounds me these days. Al Mohler’s The Conviction to Lead is a book that really reflects the depth and breadth of life that this man has lived, and the incredible amount that he has been able to accomplish is such a relatively short time.

As I read Mohler’s discussion of the key components of effective leadership, I can’t help but notice the utter absence of it in the world that surrounds me. Mohler explains that effective leadership is rooted in an active, passionate and convictional approach to life. You don’t have to look very far to see that there are not very many people who live this way.

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