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C. S. Lewis on Pain and Purpose

A couple of weeks ago, our youth group had a small cabin retreat, during which we took some time to think on the issue of pain and suffering. Here are some of the key quotes that I found incredibly insightful from C.S. Lewis on the subject. It is important to note on the outset however, that he is saying these things on the presupposition that we have established (see previous post) the reality of suffering in our world, the existence of a good and loving God, and therefore the reality of true purpose in our pain. Continue reading

The God Who Bleeds

The question of pain and suffering has been on my mind lately. It is a hard question. One that seems to push any worldview and philosophy beyond its boundaries. Anywhere we look to find a satisfactory answer, we find that the issue in question looms larger than our own powers of comprehension. Sure, some may have purely intellectual ways of answering the question, but they aren’t answers that satisfy the longing of the soul. They are answers “from the view of the balcony” and are not likely to satisfy the questions of the weary travelers on the road.

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Growth Pains

There come times when it seems like the speed of progress in life is turned up a few notches. We face many new horizons. The road gets steeper, exposing new valleys and new peaks. These are times when we are pushed out of autopilot mode and forced to be a bit more conscious of our pace and direction. We can stroll down the road, or we can run it. We can take the road down or the road up. The mountains seem exciting when viewed from far away. But when it comes time for making the ascent, the glory seems to vanish. Aching muscles. Bloody bruises. Burning lungs. Sweat and dirt.

We start to realize that the climb itself is not as glorious as we imagined.

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Jesus Knows Your Pain

For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who in every respect has been tempted as we are, yet without sin. (Hebrews 4:15)

In the study of christology (a theological word for the study of what the Bible teaches about Jesus) there exists an interesting and perplexing question which often stumps Bible students. If Jesus was both 100% man and 100% God, that means that it was actually impossible for him to sin right? Doesn’t that mean that any trail or temptation in his life was very easy to endure seeing that he couldn’t actually fail?  Continue reading

Gandalf and The Light of Christmas

In the dreary and solid darkness of an abandoned mine, deep in a far off mountain range, a weary group of friends huddled, struggling to find their way. Despite the fact that they were only in the beginning stages of their long and dangerous quest, the road had already proved to be a more arduous task than they had known. Their hopes have already grown thin and they could think of little else besides finding a way out of this pressing darkness.

Suddenly, a warm and bring light flickered and lit the deathly cave, filling it with a small, yet hopeful brightness. It came from the long staff of the leader of the group – a tall and stout figure with a tall pointed hat. The surrounding darkness seemed to shrink back, and the spirits of the travelers lifted. Although their present dilemma had not yet been solved, this bright light filled them with the hope of victory. It pointed to the coming light, where the evil that they faced would be at last defeated. And it gave them the strength to face the next stage of their dark journey. Continue reading

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