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C. S. Lewis on Pain and Purpose

A couple of weeks ago, our youth group had a small cabin retreat, during which we took some time to think on the issue of pain and suffering. Here are some of the key quotes that I found incredibly insightful from C.S. Lewis on the subject. It is important to note on the outset however, that he is saying these things on the presupposition that we have established (see previous post) the reality of suffering in our world, the existence of a good and loving God, and therefore the reality of true purpose in our pain. Continue reading

Citizens in a Fallen World

We live in a world where personal happiness and well being are at the center of life. The church has unfortunately caught on to this idea as well. Very often, we are given the impression that life with Christ is supposed to answer all our questions and untangle all our knots. We are told that if there are problems and challenges in our lives its a sign that we are not spiritual enough, not working hard enough, not doing good enough.

But when Jesus called his disciples to follow him he did not invite them into a journey of smooth sailing and wide and easy travels through life. He called them to take up their cross, to deny themselves, and to follow him being ready to face anything. That is because the kingdom that he calls us to be a part of is not of this world. The hope that Christ gives spans far beyond our mere physical, psychological or material well being. Continue reading

Solid Ground in Stormy Times

One of the inevitable aspects of living in a Genesis 3 world is the fact that life is full of challenges, trouble, trials and conflict. The impact of sin has been such that it has infected every single aspect of life in such a way that we simultaneously love it and suffer from it every day. Life is indeed a battle.

Unless we allow the Word of God shape our thinking and approach the toughest parts of life, we will have a very hard time growing and deepening in any long lasting sense. Here are three central biblical truths that can help us stand firm and come out victorious in our day to day battles. Continue reading

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