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The Richest Man on Earth

What does it mean to be rich?

We live in a world that comes at us with every thinkable and unthinkable answer to this question. Most of it boils down to luxury and possessions. A solid career, financial freedom, a comfortable living – these are the things that most often grab at the joy-hungry hearts of the people of our time. In the midst of this cloud of attraction, it is often times difficult to think of this question apart from all these pretty and attractive things that surround our lives.

But, in the end, what is it that truly matters most?

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The Value of Friendship

Lately I have found myself thinking about what I really see as valuable in life, what exactly I want to devote my time to more, and how it is that I learn to decide that. Something that I noticed in myself, and in many of the young people in my life, is that we are often times inspired and driven by many of the amazing opportunities and open doors that we see in life. We are eager to pursue a career and see what we can make out of it. We are eager to grow intellectually and read and understand as much as we can about the world that surrounds us.

In contrast to this, I notice that older people, people who have been through many of the various challenges of life, often times spend less time with intellectual and occupational pursuits, and more time focusing on the people that matter most to them. It is as though a change happens as they get older, and they start to see the value of the people around them. In contrast to younger people, older people seem to have a deeper appreciation for building deep, meaningful relationships. Continue reading

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